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Exquisite Slay is not just an ordinary brand. It's a luxury brand for women to feel empowered. No matter your profession, life path, or age we believed all women should feel exquisite, unique, and special.

With our clothing, we carefully thought-out each phrase to help women know they are beautiful, and unique in their own way.

For our beauty products we wanted to create products that provide nourishment and healing to your lips. Which is why we carefully researched and experimented with ingredients and formulas to help create the perfect line. 
Whether you are running errands, or having a night on the town, be sure to wear Exquisite Slay to slay the day away.


Tiffany Brown founded Exquisite Slay in 2020. Starting a business has always been something Tiffany wanted to do, but she never had the courage to do so.

When she was unexpectedly let go from her job in 2019, and COVID came and shut everything down in 2020, she decided to stop wasting time and start a business.

Since then Exquisite Slay has shipped to numerous states and continues to grow and prosper as Tiffany develops more products and ways to help establish Exquisite Slay as a household name.

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